Alokkair is a cold, brilliant, and sarcastic Lich who anticipates attacks and his opponents strategies with cunning, yet paranoid ease. Alokkair is eloquent and persuasive, and enjoys a good debate. He is driven by his greed for magic, with the intent of reclaiming his lost kingdom.


Eight centuries ago, came from the ruined kingdoms swallowed by the Anauroch and founded the kindom of Hlontar in 536 DR, Year of the Laughing Lich. Alokkair ruled his lands by eliminating any potential rival that appeared until he was brought down by his own daugters in 569 DR. During the coup he killed two of his three daughters and fled to a secret lair and plotted his revenge. Eventually the cold hand of death crept up on him and Alokkair turned to the necromatic arts to preserve his existence as a Lich.

By 1374 DR, Alokkair had been contacted by the Church of Shar via Esvele Graycastle who offered the Lich the secrets of the Shadow Weave in exchange for being allowed to build a temple within his lair. By hiding the Church of Shar’s activities from the inhabitants of Shadowdale, Alokkair played no small role in the conquest of Shadowdale.


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