Anduril Dawntreader

In the Dawn, beauty reigns, and the way is clearer.


Anduril Dawntreader, member of the clergy of Lathander, is nothing uncommon to this part of Cormyr. A man of a medium build ( 6 feet height – 185pounds weight) seeming a bit more imposing due to the plate armour he seems never to be out of. He always wears his black hair short and does his best to keep a small goatee well trimmed. A pair of dark eyes complete this otherwise common figure. When on the road he always wears his armour and helm, shield strapped on his shoulder, mace hanging on his side. On the rare occasions he is at ease,his preffered attire is a black pair of leggings and a shirt in yellow and orange hews. He is always seen with the holy symbol of Lathander around his neck.


Anduril Dawntreader

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