Fel'dryl Sanguinar

''Nothing is as it seems. It is merely what the deceiver chooses to project upon those deceived.''


Fel’dryl when in true form, is slightly bigger (6 feet) than what he is in general form. He has deep red skin and fiery red eyes. The two huge bat-like wings are deep purple and his voice sounds more ominous and rough than normal. He has elfish ears and long blond hair betraying his complex inheritance.

He is wearing a heavy red robe with an image of a solar eclipse with a blazing corona on the back. A fine red cloak is hanging from his shoulders bordered by silver trimming and an elegantly styled white leather vest that is edged in silver piping and has silver buttons can be seen beneath his robes. On his wrists rest, two beautifully crafted silver and red bracers that are set with round, jet-black stones. On his feet he is wearing a pair of comfortable high boots that are made from deep red leather with brilliant copper-colored leather soles. Finally, a purple gem can be seen sitting upon his forehead. This gem made of amethyst has a rich purple colour. A black outline that seems to emit from the gem itself, is also visible from certain angles.

His voice is steady and cool. He has something uncommon yet nothing easily noticed except for the rare moments he gets angry or when he finds himself amidst a battle.

He seems to keep some notes in a leather-bound tome with a violet cover and an arcane marking imprinted on it. He keeps the tome to himself and takes it out only when he finds some time after a battle or at the end of each day. The title is hardly legible from afar and is written in elfish yet for those who understand, it reads: “Fel’dryl Sanguinar’s Notes: The journey to Ascension by Knowledge and Power and the confrontation of one’s Inheritance” It is quite obvious that he writes in it frequently.


After being imprisoned for two centuries to an unknown location, Fel’dryl Sanguinar managed to get free off his bondage, during the latest events that took place a few years ago, in the region of the High Forest.

Having spent most of his life away from the world, he now tries to find his own way among the races that inhabit Faerun. He seeks vengeance from those that sentenced him in such a cruel fate.

Having forsaken House Dlardrageth, he now wonders the world hidden, trying to master the Art and to find the knowledge and the strength required, to oppose those that are searching for him and want him dead.


After the recent news of the fall of the House Dlardrageth in the battle of Myth Drannor between the daemonfey and the Elven army, Fel’dryl changed his attitude towards the world. No longer in pursuit by his long sworn enemies, he now ventures freely, almost in his true form and was last seen as a member of a group of five adventurers that were responsible for the thwarting of the tearing of the weave near Wheloon, in the region of Cormyr.

Fel’dryl has become stronger and his spells are more potent against his enemies but he has also been chosen by a strange purple gem that has an entity of its own and responds to the name Lamorak. This mysterious gem has yet to give more information about its identity…

Fel'dryl Sanguinar

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