Lady Shaerl Llairhavenn Roanmantle Amcathra


Lady Shaerl Llairhavenn Roanmantle Amcathra is an attractive, patrician woman with a graceful, muscular body and hip-length, russet-brown hair she wears in a tight folded braid. She favors simple gowns with elaborate embroidery in court and loose, dark garments on nocturnal forays.


Shaerl has a taste for danger and is bored by the staid court life of her family. Shaerl hails from Suzail; she was sent to Shadowdale as an emissary by the late Baron Thomdor after her nocturnal thieving expeditions were detected. To her surprise, she fell in love with Lord Mourngrym and later married him after sacrificing her own life—and then being resurrected—to save his, amid the ruins of Myth Drannor. The rightful lord and lady of Shadowdale have one son, Scothgar “Scotti” Amcathra, who has recently joined the Knights of Myth Drannor and is off fighting with them in the eastern woods.
During the invasion of Shadowdale, Shaerl used her talents to infiltrate the ranks of the invading army, providing valuable, if insufficient, intelligence to her husband, Lord Mourngrym. Since the invasion, Lady Shaerl has remained one of the anonymous camp followers who cook and clean for the Zhentarim Occupying Army. She is devastated and confused by the change that has overcome her husband but remains determined to fight for the dale he once defended.

Lady Shaerl Llairhavenn Roanmantle Amcathra

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