Starry Gnosis

A flawless Orb as black as a starless night.


First seen inside Mystra’s Temple held by Starweaver Fembrys, the Starry Gnosis was used seemingly to control, dominate or cause fear to a person. Although when used it glows with some silvery lights like small stars, its surface is perfectly smooth and its color midnight-black. Its original casing was found to be within a secret compartment, locked, below the altar of the temple.

The command phrase to trigger its effects is: ‘’Knowledge lies between the stars’’


The Starry Gnosis is a crystal globe plucked from a statue depicting the goddess Shar in the Temple of Old Night in Calimport. The globe was infused with divine power by the goddess herself, at the direction of high priestess Esvele Graycastle.

Starry Gnosis

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