Bredingstone Dunastel

Gnome Archer


Standing barely at 3ft height this slim and slender gnome seems harmless and unnoticeable. The truth is far from what the initial appearance suggests though… He has long braided black hair, deep brown eyes and his skin color is grey.

He moves with an unparalleled speed and grace. He uses a shortbow in battle to deliver fatal strikes often in his foes weak spots. Sneak and silence are the best weapons in his arsenal.


Bred revealed that he was sent to south-eastern Cormyr by his mentor, Storm Silverhand. Storm felt that his time to begin adventuring has come and his first mission was to investigate the area of the Vast Swamp.

She felt a distant disturbance in the Weave and considering the latest events with the Shadovars she could reasonably suspect danger for the Weave itself.

The party’s latest findings confirmed Storm’s fears and lead Bred to reveal all those spicy details about himself.

Bredingstone Dunastel

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