This sleek, white-furred hound stands three feet tall at the shoulder. It paws resemble hands and its face seems preternaturally wise.


In the vast stretches of wilderness between such freeholds, all manner of creatures run wild, including large numbers of wolves. Although Shadowdale’s wolves are by no means tame, they have been long been organized into a great pack, known as the Moonshadow Pack. Under the leadership of a servant of Selûne, a moondog known as Cooteu, the Moonshadow Pack formed an alliance in recent years with the Silvanus-worshiping
druids of the Circle of Shadowdale. This alliance has served as Shadowdale’s de facto border patrol, operating near the dale’s periphery and deterring many infiltrators and prowling monsters from entering the area.
During the recent invasion of Shadowdale by the Zhentarim, the church of Cyric sent an agent of its own into the dale, despite its plan to maintain a low profile in the region for the time being. The Cyricist is the legendary winter of the Ride known as Frostbite. Frostbite fell under the sway of the Dark Sun in the Year of the Banner (1368 DR), when Cyric forged an army of monsters north of the Moonsea to attack Zhentil Keep. At the request of the church of Cyric, Frostbite moved south to Shadowdale and challenged Cooteu for leadership of the Moonshadow Pack. The moon dog barely escaped with his life and was forced to concede leadership of the Moonshadow Pack to the winter wolf. Although he remained the pack’s nominal second in command, his banishment by Frostbite meant that he could not regain his former position, even if he killed his rival.
Since his victory over Cooteu, Frostbite has been careful to keep to the periphery of the dale, so as not to incite the Banites and possibly undermine the alliance between the Zhentarim, House Dhuurniv, and the Church of Shar forged by Esvele Graycastle. Although he can barely wait to hunt the hated Banites, for now Frostbite continues to play his minor role in Esvele’s alliance. Under his leadership, the wolf pack has turned on its longtime
allies and now hunts the druids of the Circle of Shadowdale. In this fashion, Frostbite has deprived the dalesfolk of two sets of potential allies: the druids and the wolves.


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